Bug music for bug people

Not much is known about these mutated mosquitos, their lives were as normal as most mosquitos until that fateful day they landed on Three Mile Island.  "I knew the moment I tasted their blood that something was wrong — horribly wrong!," B Negative  was rumored to have said that  day.  We believe it was that day, that very day, that changed them forever, at least this is what scientists at MIT believe.

You see, since that day they've all had this strange desire to play surf music.  Before the accident they had never heard of surf!  We think something happened during the mutation, something so horrible that they all found a longing for surf music.  From what we understand they were warned about the consequences of surf...there is no market for it... it's not really music to most people.  They knew they were on a musical road to obscurity.  But there was nothing we could do, something, something beyond our power, had taken control of them, and they will forever be known as the ATOMIC MOSQUITOS.

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